Morel Mushrooms are yummy edible wild mushrooms.

We are very lucky to occasionally get Morel Mushrooms on our lake lot property. The last time they showed up was in 2021 and then just this year in 2024. Morels only grow in the spring so for us it's always been in the month of May. They are a very expensive mushroom because most morels are hand foraged which means that someone goes out into the forest to find them.

This year I saw some and knew that the conditions must have been perfect for them to grow. They are a picky mushroom when it comes to growing. I went out into our forest and was able to find a small haul of morel mushrooms that should be enough for a couple meals. Now there are fake morel mushrooms but an easy way to tell the difference is that real morels will be hollow all the way through top to bottom when cut in half and check to make sure the mushroom cap is connected to the base and not separate. If you are unsure don't eat them or consult a mushroom forager.

To wash them (because they sometimes have bugs) I cut them in half and soak them in very salty water for at least an hour making sure to gently shake each mushroom a bit so the bugs and debris fall off. Then I soak them in clean water for a while also gently agitating them. Then I repeat the process one more time just to make sure they are super clean. I kept half the mushrooms in the fridge and I froze the other half for a future meal.

I made a morel mushroom pasta in a parmesan cream sauce with the ones I had kept in the fridge. This recipe is widely available on the net with a quick search. It was delicious! They are a hearty mushroom with lots of flavor and a true treat.

Morel Mushrooms are full of flavor. They have an earthy, nutty and toasted flavor that enriches special dishes or meals.