If you have a travel trailer or an RV you know how things tend to move around or fly off the walls when your traveling around with it. Last year I traveled a long way with my travel trailer and had many things jostle around while I drove from campground to campground. I learnt along the way how to secure things and keep them safe eventually but sometimes it's a trial and error kind of learning process.

Well I found a great tip if you would love to display some of your amazing photography from your travels in your trailer or even if you have a favorite image or quote you'd like to have on your walls. It's called "Peel & Stick"!

I wanted to have a bunch of my photography displayed on the walls of my travel trailer but I knew that the traditional format for printing either a print (usually needs to be framed) or a canvas would probably eventually fall off the wall at some point and potentially get damaged. So I did a bit of research and found "peel & stick" printing. These are amazing and the best thing for any image display for your trailer or RV. You can get any image, quote, saying or family photo you want printed on their adhesive backed linen which don't damage the walls and are repositionable up to fifty times. I've used them and LOVE them!

I've printed a bunch of my photos from my travels and they now adorn the walls of my travel trailer so I can look at them when camping and share them when camping with friends and family. I even used the cupboard doors as a frame for a couple of my panoramic images. They don't print panoramas but what I did was in Photoshop I made a canvas the size they print of 12x18 inches and then put both my panoramic images on there one on top of the other so they will be printed on one print but when you get it you can just cut them apart. It worked great! I also put one on the inside of my bathroom cabinet door because it was just a dull and boring white that was the back of the mirror. Now it's got a surprise beautiful waterfall when opened.

You can add as many or as little as you want and best part is that if you change your mind you can just take them off or move them around. The other best part is they will never fall off your walls during travel. It's a win win!

I got mine printed through Poster Jack. If you are interested here's a link to Poster Jack:


This is a referral code which helps me out and is no extra cost to you to click on and use.

I hope you enjoy printing your beautiful photos and showcase them in your travel trailer or RV in a safe and user friendly way.

Happy Printing!