What an amazing display of light and color on the May 10-11, 2024 night where the Aurora Borealis G5 storm was so vibrant and danced in the sky for so many to see. I was fortunate to watch the show with my two dogs, Casper & Jasper while camping at Pigeon Lake, Alberta.

This image was my favorite of the night with a silhouette of me and my dogs watching the northern lights and you can see a bird rising up. Some say they see a phoenix rising. My two pups were so good and stayed very still for this long exposure image. I used the "interval timer shooting" setting with my camera set up on a tripod. I love this setting as it allows me to get in front of the camera when I'm alone and be able to capture myself within the landscape or within a beautiful aurora borealis show.

The array of colors that emitted from this G5 storm were truly amazing! There were greens, blues, pinks, purples and white.

Below are a bunch of images of the Auroras I captured that night. The Auroras were so bright and saturated that I didn't even adjust the colors that much. Some I was looking straight up with the silhouette of trees and some were to the sky but included more of the tree trunks. What makes them special is these were all captured from our family lake lot at Pigeon Lake so I've grown up with these trees most of my life.